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Class theme: Lydiard Millicent past and future

Class code: WRY6

Please include this code in your email subject header when you enter


Writing any format with the theme Lydiard Millicent Past and Future


Be it a poem, persuasive writing, letter, short story (<200 words), fact or fiction we'd love to see your piece of writing inspired by life in Lydiard Millicent, past or present. This class is for children in Year 6 only.

Children attending school at Lydiard Millicent Primary School will have the opportunity to enter this class through the school.


We welcome additional entries, and children may enter the class multiple times.


To enter please submit a Word document (.doc) or .pdf of your writing to lydiardmillicentvillageshow@gmail.com

Don't forget to include the class number, WRY6 in the email header, and include your name, school year and age.

Entries are FREE - we just ask that each entry is made in a separate email and that all pieces of writing were created since March 2020.

We are hoping to collate entries into this year's Village Show into a permanent record of how the Coronavirus pandemic affected the lives of those connected to The Parish of Lydiard Millicent. If you do not want your work included in this project you can still enter the Show, but please let us know.