Rules and regulations for entry into Lydiard Millicent Virtual Village Show 2021





Lydiard Millicent Village Show will be run as a virtual event in 2021, with all entries being displayed online at

It is a community event designed to encourage people to share their creativity with others. It is run by amateurs, for amateurs. The judges are not usually professionals, although they do have some expertise in the classes they judge.

Entries to the 2021 show are FREE for all classes

Participants are encouraged to enter as many classes as they like as many times as they want, but we do ask that entries have been created since March 2020, and each entry is made on a separate email

There are no prizes, but rosettes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places

With the exception of the children's class, where age limits are clearly marked, entries may be made by anyone of any age or ability

We invite entries from anyone with a connection to the Parish of Lydiard Millicent. It is not a pre-requisite that you live in the Parish

We ask that the children's work is their own

Please do not put your name visibly on entries, but don't forget to include your name when you send us your entry. If you are under 16 you should also include your age and/or school year. Please note that first names (and if required surname initial) only will be used on entries into all junior classes.

ENTRY DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY 26TH MAY - entries received after this date may not qualify for judging

Entries should be made via email to Please state your class clearly in the email header. Please send each entry you make on a separate email, and don't forget to include your name (and age if <16)

Entries can additionally be posted at the Parish Hall - please mark your envelope clearly as Village Show Entry.

Photographic entries, or photographs for baking, art and flower arranging classes can be made as a .jpeg or .pdf. Please try to keep these <10MB to save over-stuffing our inbox! For the technically minded it would really help if entries were 72dpi and a maximum of 1000 pixels in the largest direction.

Video entries should be in .mp4 format

Writing entries should be entered as a Word (.doc) or .pdf format

It is our aim to use the entries into the 2021 Village Show to create a permanent record of the Coronavirus pandemic, and how it affected the lives of those connected to the Parish of Lydiard Millicent. If you DO NOT wish your entry to be included in this project please email us to let us know. This will apply to all entries made from the same email address. For postal entries, please ensure this is clearly noted with your entry.