Where next for Lydiard Millicent Parish Council? - by Sarah Hill Wheeler

Six candidates have come forward as Parish Council candidates in the 6 May elections. As there are only eleven spaces on the Council, there will be no election. Assuming all six formally accept office, they will form the new administration from 10 May. They are:

  • Melanie Allsop

  • Rachael Clarke

  • Luke Curtis

  • Catherine Hacker

  • Derek Harden

  • Sally Westwood

Three hail from Greenhill, one from Stone Lane, one from the Close, and one is described as having “an address in Wiltshire”.

The Parish Council will no longer be inquorate. So, on 10 May, the old councillors, including the interim ones appointed by Wiltshire Council, will step down and the six new ones take over.

Provisionally, the first meeting of the new Council is set for 13 May. At that meeting, the new Council will appoint its Chair, Vice Chair, make any appointments to committees or outside groups. Hopefully, it will also give a steer on its strategy and priorities for the next four years.

The interim Parish Council will hold one last Zoom meeting this Thursday evening, 29 April, at 7pm. Details below.

Meeting ID: 962 5084 1522 Passcode: 529305

Items on the agenda include:

  • Regular bank reconciliations to be put in place (which the Council should be doing anyway) and monthly reports from the clerk.

  • Review of website content and email policy.

  • A Working Party to review Standing Orders and other policy documents, which are overdue.

  • Appointment of an independent consultant with a budget up to £10,000. The brief: “to carry out a review of the Councils practises (sic) and procedures and report their findings and recommendations to a future Council meeting”.

  • Update on the purchase of the JCH cooker.

  • Discussion of future format of meeting when the current relaxation to allow virtual meetings ends on 6 May.


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