Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Residents of the Parish of Lydiard Millicent are now able to vote to accept the Neighbourhood Plan - a vote which was delayed last year due to Covid restrictions.

VOTING WILL TAKE PLACE on 6TH MAY 2021 at the PARISH HALL, and will take place along side voting for a new Wiltshire Councillor.

The aim of a Neighbourhood plan is to give communities the opportunity to shape their environment and have more influence over planning decisions taken which affect them.

The Lydiard Millicent Neighbourhood Plan has been a long time in preparation, and you may have already been a part of the consultations that were done in the community. It sets out a vision as to how the residents of our Parish would like to see the village in 2036:

The vision for Lydiard Millicent in 2036 is: “Lydiard Millicent has remained a busy and vibrant community with a wide range of facilities. Development has been well-designed and contributed positively to the visual character of the local surrounding heritage. The gap between the Borough of Swindon and the village of Lydiard Millicent has remained and design standards of new buildings reflect the rural character of the village. The special environmental assets of the parish have been preserved and the community has benefitted from access and enjoyment of the countryside.”

The plan in its entirety, including details of the objectives and land-use policies that it will influence, can be seen by clicking here.

Voting to accept the plan will mean that Wiltshire Council will legally have to consider the views of Lydiard Millicent Parish residents when deciding on whether to pass planning applications.

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