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Class theme: What I discovered during lockdown

Class code: PHSR 

Please include this code in your email subject header when you enter


Did you go have time to explore more during lockdown and discover some of the stunning walks in and around our Parish? Maybe you were working throughout and documented the changes to your routine, or maybe you were inspired to take up a new hobby? Did you get a new pet, learn a new skill, or discover something new? Has your garden has never looked so groomed, or have you've been inspired through reading or TV? Have you learnt to cook, sew, or do the splits? Maybe you chronicled the national toilet paper shortage?


Whatever you did, and whatever inspired you, we'd love to see your photographs from the past year.

Please submit as a .jpeg or .pdf, and although we understand you want to show your photos off in their best light, we will have to reduce them in size to display on our webpages, so please try to ensure they are smaller than 10MB. For the technically minded it would really help if entries were 72dpi and a maximum of 1000 pixels in the largest direction. Composite images should be entered onto the Adult Art category ARSR.

Please email your adult photography entries to

Don't forget to include the class number, PHSR in the email header, and include your name, and if you'd like, a brief description of the photograph in the body text of the email.

Entries are FREE and you can enter as many times as you'd like - we just ask that each entry is made in a separate email and that all photos entered have been taken since March 2020.

We are hoping to collate entries into this year's Village Show into a permanent record of how the Coronavirus pandemic affected the lives of those connected to The Parish of Lydiard Millicent. If you do not want your work included in this project you can still enter the Show, but please let us know.

Depending on type and number of entries, this category may be split further.