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How to enter the Lydiard Millicent Village Show 2021 virtual event




Entering the virtual village show couldn't be more simple!

Entries are FREE for all classes - all you have to do is to email your entry to by Wednesday 26th May 2021.

Please make sure every entry you make is on a separate email and that the class you are entering is included in the subject line. Don't forget to include your name, and if under 16 your age and/or school year.

Participants are encouraged to enter as many classes as they like as many times as they want, but we do ask that entries have been created since March 2020.

Photos for photography classes should be entered as .jpeg or .pdf. Whereas we understand you want these to look their best, please try to ensure that they are kept <10mB

Photographs of baking, flower arrangements or artwork should also be .jpeg or .pdf <10mB

Writing entries should be made as a .doc (word document) or .pdf.

Video entries should be in .mp4 format.

Entries can additionally be posted at the Parish Hall - please mark your envelope clearly as Village Show Entry.

Entries made through school or pre-school will be automatic. If you do not wish your child's work to be entered please let the class teacher know. Alternatively you can email us directly.


Anyone with a connection to the Parish of Lydiard Millicent can enter you don't have to live within the Parish.

For a complete list of Rules and Regulations please click here.





All entries will be displayed digitally on this website from Saturday 29th May.  The judges will deliberate and award prizes which will be added to the winning entries on Monday 31st May.

It is our aim that the entries to this year's Show will be used to create a permanent record of Lockdown in Lydiard Millicent. If you do not wish your entry to be included in this project then please email us to let us know.